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                         Six Sigma

Vibrant Serve utilizes the DMAIC methodology for constant and continuous process improvements. The DMAIC methodology is core to our services and it's implementation is overseen by a certified Six Sigma Quality Black Belt.

D - Define
M - Measure
A - Analyze
I - Improve
C - Control

Unlike most Six Sigma trainers or consultancy service providers, Vibrant Serve has a half-decade experience in implementing Six Sigma in Information Technology, making it a value-added core component governing our IT services delivery at all levels. We believe this gives us an inherent advantage over traditional Six Sigma experts from the manufacturing background.

Instances in which Six Sigma has assisted in saving time, effort and dollars include:

1. 15000 helpdesk man-hours saved by implementing Six Sigma at Black Belt level for the global virus management efforts of a Fortune 500   
    company. At an offshore leverage rate of $12/hour the estimated savings was $180,000 per year.

2. 95% reduction in DPMO (Defects Per Million Opportunities) in installed software compliancy by applying Six Sigma tools at Green Belt level
    on a 1600 node network.

3. 98% reduction in cycle-time in swap space maintenance of UNIX server farm, saving 1000 server management man-hours by applying Six
    Sigma at Green Belt level. At an offshore leverage rate of $25/hour the estimated savings was $25,000 per year.

To learn more about how applying Six Sigma will reduce cycle-time, cost and effort while increasing productivity in your IT support organization, contact us.


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