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"Like financial capital, people need to be treated with care, respect and commitment if the organization expects them to stay invested. It must also provide them with the returns they need. Just as in managing financial capital, organizations cannot afford to waste their human capital or risk it going to places where it can get a better return. Like financial capital, human capital needs to be carefully allocated, utilized, and managed." (Lawler, 2003). However, unlike financial capital, it is People who determine via their commitment to the organization & their engagement in their job whether or not to invest their capital for the benefit of the organization."

Vibrant Serve is a recruitment and search firm operating with a strong domain capability and a specialized focus in the IT Infrastructure domain. With a network of client companies and candidates nationwide, as well as hands-on business experience and practice, VS can consistently cater to your long-term assignments, mission-critical projects and your cyclical demands.

Our framework constitutes a reservoir of best practices, relationships and knowledge to understand and deliver your people requisitions.

Our delivery module- 

Vibrant Serve adopts an overall holistic view by taking a strategic approach to meet your staffing requirements.


We involve ourselves with the HR and functional management to match your people requirements to your business priorities. A recent survey has reported an increased ownership from line managers’ in recruitment procedures, while HR involvement is most commonly seen at the selection stages   Our quality focus ensures we meet your specific business objectives.


We provide a value added service by handling the candidate-attraction process, providing screening and response management. 

Our success is based on providing value through expertise and specialization. We are dedicated to fostering a long-term relationship with both, our clients and candidates. We understand the employment landscape and ensure we meet the industries’ need for a cost-time effective recruitment services.

Recruitment programs-  

VS has delved into its in–depth market intelligence and a passionate commitment to recruitment, to design and deliver a faction of recruitment programs that address your specific needs.

Direct Recruitment Program
Channel Recruitment Program

Direct Recruitment Program: 

Vibrant Serve has nurtured its collective sum of recruitment experience and infrastructure resource management knowledge to deliver optimum people resources for your business priorities.  

The DRP sources from a highly qualified, diverse talent pool to provide the best candidates, well-matched and delivered on time.  

In order to have the best possible hires, you need the best available candidates. Hence we employ ingenious sourcing methods to generate awareness among hard to reach candidates. These innovative methods have helped us handpick exceptional resources that normally seem scarce in the open markets.

Channel Recruitment Program 

The Channel Recruitment Program (CRP) offered by Vibrant Serve recognizes the need of an OEM to people their channels with the right talent. THE CRP provides you with the means to

--develop your partner’s people resources across different roles like Sales, Pre-Sales and Tech Support.

--offer your Channels an opportunity to recruit from a resource that caters to your own people requirement successfully.

--leverage on our in–depth
understanding of the infrastructure domains and source the right hand-in-glove profiles for your Channels.

--utilize varied employment options, such as
Direct, On Contract – shared, onsite and direct contract.

--undertake a blanket contract for all your partners for uniform recruitment procedures.


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