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                             IMS Consultancy

Vibrant Serve offers comprehensive IT consulting services to global and local clients. Our experts are certified in their respective areas of technology and manage some of the world's largest and most complicated IT environments in existence today.

Vibrant Serve applies the principles of simplicity and a manic need to measure everything to its service offerings. Our training divisions ensure our consultants are at the client's table with the latest knowledge, trying to solve problems in innovative ways. We combine technical expertise, project management and quality at every stage, unlike our competitors where management and quality start at the leadership layers.

1. Remote Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)

Network Management


Security Management

Database Management

  • Device Management

  • Link Management

  • Network Monitoring

  • Configuration Management

  • Incident & Response Management

  • Change Management

  • Virus Management

  • Firewall Management

  • Network Security Management

  • Desktop Security Management

  • Server Security Management

  • Incident & Response Management

  • Change Management

  • Database Design

  • Database Build

  • Database Maintenance

  • Incident & Response Management

  • Change Management

Client Management


Server & Storage Device Management

24x7 Monitoring (Command Centers)


  • Client Configuration Management (Active Directory, OS etc)

  • Software Deployment

  • Software License Management & Compliance

  • Common Applications Management (email, chat, office etc)

  • Asset Deployment & Management

  • Image Deployment & Management

  • Change Management

  • Server Build Management

  • Server Consolidation Management

  • Server Configuration Management

  • Capacity Planning

  • Storage & Data Management

  • Incident & Response Management

  • Change Management

  • Command Center Setup

  • Command Center Operations

  • Command Center Processes

  • Command Center BCP/DRP

  • Command Center Logistics

2. Frameworks & Standards


3. Software Development

4. Web Services Management

  • ITIL

  • Prince I / II

  • Six Sigma

  • PMI

  • Website Development

  • Application Development

    • Java

    • .Net

  • WebLogic

  • Websphere


  • IIS

All our IT consultancy offerings have inherent value-added features that differentiate Vibrant Serve. Please refer to the The V Factor page for details of our value-added features.

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