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                                 The V Factor 

Being an ambitious and growing company, Vibrant Serve can give personal attention to every project of a client regardless of size. We dedicate our resources not limited to the execution of the project at hand, we also pay constant and continuous attention to the bigger picture. Vibrant Serve will spend time to learn your business so we can return to the table again and again with better value propositions each time.

Our services are built-in with a range of value-added features:

1.  Six Sigma - We will help you apply Six Sigma quality methodologies to your processes and support structures for continuous capability

2. Lean Simplification - We do extensive system analysis to help you simplify your support and implementation processes, consequently
   reducing your MTTR and MTBF.

3. Repeatable Modules - We tend to build systems and processes that are repeatable in nature, one tool/process globally. This will help
   keep your computing environment simple, and lower costs of repeat deployments.

4. Knowledge Management - We will help you capture information about your projects from inception to completion using standard
    knowledge management tools.

5. Digital Dashboards - We build digital dashboards that give Point-Of-Time status of your environment, SLAs or anything you wish to

6. Automation - We will automate any process that can be automated, eliminating significant quantities of man-hours in support and cost.

7. Transitions - We will help you transition your operations (inter-company or intra-company) for efficient outsourcing / off shoring 
    operations without losing Intellectual Property in the transition stage.

8. Open Source - We will assist our customers with strategic migration plans from licensed software to Open Source software.


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